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Privacy Policy

ACFI Support Group recognises that your privacy is important. We are bound by, and committed to supporting, the National Privacy Principles (NPP) set out in the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001.



Our main purpose for collecting personal information is to form a creditor support group to provide ongoing information updates in relation to the DOCA and topromote a unified effort in terms of the treatment of ACF Investment creditors. When personal information is collected from you we will take reasonable steps to inform you why we are collecting that personal information, who else we might disclose that personal information. If we collect information for lobbying purposes we will not disclose any personal contact details. Only names and investment related information will be disclosed for this purpose.


Use and Disclosure

Generally collection of personal information and other investment information from you is for the purposes of establishing a creditor support group. We may disclose the information collected for lobbying purposes, however we shall not disclose any of your personal information.  

The Group may use the personal information collected from you for the purpose of providing you with direct contact with information which may be of interest to you. You may, by contacting us by email or mail, request not to receive such information and we will give effect to that request. Please allow 10 days for such a request to be finalised.


Data Quality

We may take steps to verify that any information collected is accurate. Generally however where this website is designed for the benefit of ACFI creditors we would expect contributors to provide accurate information at all times so that we may in turn try to achieve a result in the best interests of these individuals.


Data Security

We take reasonable steps to protect the information we retain from misuse, loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We will not retain any of your information for any longer than it is required by us, except to satisfy legal requirements. We will destroy your personal information when it is no longer required.



We may use and disclose personal information for the purposes for which it was provided or secondary purposes in circumstances where you would reasonably expect such use or disclosure. The information we collect from you may also be disclosed to third parties if the disclosure is required by law.


Access and Correction

You may access the personal information we retain and request corrections. We will endeavour to ensure that the personal information about you that we hold is up to date and accurate. The accuracy of the personal information is dependant to largely on the information you provide and you should advise us if there are any errors in your personal information.


Sensitive Information

Without your consent, we will not collect sensitive information about you. Exceptions to this include where the information is required by law, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of a legal claim.


Privacy Complaints

If you wish to complain about any breach or potential breach of this privacy policy or the National Privacy Principles, you should contact us by any of the methods contained in this policy statement. Your complaint will be considered within seven days and responded to accordingly. It is our intention to use our best endeavours to resolve any complaint to your approval, however, if you are unhappy with our response, you are entitled to contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner who may investigate your complaint further.